The truth about Facebook Ads for NFT Campaigns

Every entrepreneur or marketing professional has encountered the Facebook Ads platform at some point in their career. We have all probably bought something from a Facebook Ad. At the very least, Facebook Ads have, even in an imperceptible way, attracted our attention.

Thousands of businesses, whether they be dropshipping hustles, coaching programs, or information technology companies, and whether they sell good or bad products or services, turn to this powerful platform.

However, the million-dollar question remains: Do Facebook ads work for NFT projects?

The answer: It depends on the goal!

While Twitter and Discord remain king for NFT projects, other platforms, such as Facebook Ads, can still be important. I have run Facebook campaigns of all kinds and can share what I have learned through these experiences.

If you are looking to sell by conversions on your mint page, you will have to use Metamask and other similar units as your payment gateway. This will be a barrier to your campaign’s success, so in this case I would rule it out.

If you are looking for more followers for Twitter, it’s better to launch a Twitter Ads campaign directly.

If you are looking for more members for Discord, Facebook ads can be a good option since Traffic campaigns will send new users directly to your server. The one downside is that, as of today, Facebook requires you to be the owner of a domain to use pixel to make conversions (we all know the importance of pixel in optimizing successful campaigns). Of course, Discord does not belong to you, so its domain is not yours to use for this purpose. Overall, we calculate it will cost you an estimated USD $0.30-$0.55 to drive each new member to your server.

Facebook Ads is limited in this regard for NFTs. In our experience, there are better options, like Twitter Ads, to promote your NFT project if you are looking for PPC Campaigns.

The road to selling your NFT project can be long, with many unknowns. We recommend you sign up for our free consultation session. You can ask us all your questions about your project, including whether ad platform is right for you, and our specialists will be able to provide answers and develop strategies for free.

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