Red flags as NFT project owners

It is very likely that you have heard this, but you have to be very careful with cryptocurrency transactions, we believe that they are the future and although we are very early, we can see the potential that it challenges with the metaverse and with NFTs.

There is a lot of creativity involved, unfortunately it also lends itself to many scams.

If you are reading this you may be a project owner ready to launch your NFT.

But how can one avoid being considered a scam.

We know that from a project point of view this is not always the case and it has happened to us at the beginning of our career working with some clients. They had red flags that buyers noticed but they didn’t realize.

Having poor communication can create a lot of anguish on the part of the community when the project owner is not present or when there is not good communication with the mods. If you don’t have a team that manages them, hire them. It’s that simple, we recommend at least 5 mods for the project that is handled.

Be careful with whom you do PR and stay very aware of the NFT Calendar websites, these pages usually show your project if you have made a paid deal with them but it usually happens by mistake that they put another scammer’s one pretending to be you with lies as “free mint” to subtract money from the wallet. This can affect a lot and in the same way be careful with which influencers to work.

Red flags as nft project

In one of our articles he shows that if your project is doxxed you can reduce the objection and increase the confidence of those who want to buy your project.

Many think that launching ads is also a red flag but as we mentioned in another article on this website, there has to be a middle ground between organic and PPC campaigns.

Have a clear and precise Roadmap, the more you fulfill what you promised in your Roadmap, the easier it is to get new members who trust you. We have seen many members of communities who abandon projects because they feel cheated when they see that they do not meet the Roadmap and deadlines.

Although this is the least important point but still valid, keep in mind that the website is another factor to consider. A quality website can greatly increase confidence because it shows that there is a good investment involved, it shows that the owners are betting themselves on their project, in the same way the team with whom they work will give them more confidence. to the community.

The road to sell out for your NFT project can be long and with many unknowns. We recommend our free consultation session in which you can ask us all your questions about your project and our specialists will give you the strategies for free.

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