Metaverse project based in the Cardano network. Investors can access a realm of Mecha Angels & Reapers that fight in the realm.
This is the Gantt we managed for the project
The scope of the project is to ideate & create the base models and traits for this collection. We run our specialized Discovery session which leads us to a very interesting conversation with the Project Owner. We are able to know his inspiration and expectations for this project.

Our team starts with 2D drafts that will give a very good insight into the style and looks of the characters. Discovery sessions allow us to really grasp and make ideas real. Thanks to it, our team managed to do this on the very first try.
Offering speed is a core value of our company. Due to the tight timeline of the company, the 3D modeling stage initiated in parallel as soon as each sketch got approved.

It’s very important to have optimized processes when developing art because it will reduce financial and time costs significantly during the project execution.
One of the customer objectives was to create further scenes with the art. For this reason, we created modular 3D models that are able to be leveraged for further processing.
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