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Launch Your Own NFT Solution
Requirement & Project Analysis
The first stage of the development process entails obtaining specific client requirements in order to assess the viability of the idea and deliver the best technological solution.
Smart Contract Development
Smart Contract Development
Once the project requirements have been established, we will create the smart contracts to develop the platform's functionalities.
UX/UI Development
The next phase is to build the NFT Minting Website's user interface to meet the needs of the users.
Architecture Development
Architecture Development
The complete software architecture and backend functionalities will be coded in order to meet functional and non-functional requirements.
Integration of API
Integration of APIs
The wallets will be fully integrated into the system, allowing users to store and sell NFTs.
Testing and Product Deployment
Testing and Product Deployment
After the product is completed, it is tested extensively to ensure that there are no bugs before being released to the testnet.
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