Is art enough to sell my NFT?

It is clear that NFT projects can be art pieces that make a lot of profit. On that we all agree.

All of us have seen random NFT artworks that end up generating thousands of dollars without any clear reason as to why.

I have personally seen everything. While some beautiful art pieces end up selling, many do not while seemingly terrible art sells for ridiculous sums.

Although the visual value of art is important, we also must consider that today, especially in a bear market, it must be accompanied by utility as well. By utility I mean access and benefits that are irresistible. Remember this last word! An irresistible offer beats everything.

It makes a lot of sense to buy an art piece that generates profitability and, at the same time, provides benefits. This is exactly what Bored Ape Yacht Club did and, given their success, what more and more projects are doing.

Since the market changes and aesthetics get copied a lot, it’s important to get creative with the utility your project provides. Aim to become the diamond within your niche and create something unique to make your project more valuable.

But beware: if you promise the moon to your followers to raise capital, you will be responsible and must comply with the roadmap you show your followers. Nowadays, the average NFT investor is more skillful and knows where to put his money. Keep that in mind before making wild promises.

The road to selling your NFT project can be long, with many unknowns. We recommend you sign up for our free consultation session. You can ask us all your questions about your project, including how to add utility to your project, and our specialists will be able to provide answers and develop strategies for free.

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