Doxxed or Not? 5 tips for your NFT project

Is an NFT project dead on arrival if you don’t doxx your project? We know that the current bear market has new requirements to do a sell-out if you want to do an NFT project.

It is important to note that this could change the market a lot, even in the future, as we are experiencing something that we have never seen before.

Does my being Doxxed really affect my NFT project?

There are multiple answers to this.

We recommend the following before launching a project or take it into account to maintain stability for the future of the same project.

Keep these 5 things in mind:


We have worked on multiple projects and the most common mistake is that the owner of the project usually disappears in the middle of the project and in the community, everyone notices it. Never think that the buyer is stupid, because he is not, especially in the bear market now there is more care in investments. Let us remember that there are many projects where the owner sells out and disappears with the money without any response. That your project is Doxxed gives an extra point to trust your project, if the members are experts, that will increase credibility.

Be present

2.- Extreme communication 24/7 (Seriously)

After you launch your Twitter Ads, PR Strategy, Influencer Marketing and whatever your strategy is to attract people to your community, keep in mind that you need at least 5 MODS for your Discord channel (if you are going to use it) this is why the different time zones of the users in your community. Always look for MODS that understands your way of communicating and you also be present.

Be present

3.- Your project must have utility

We have seen thousands of projects with all kinds of art. we believe in art and we think it’s great, but you have to think about the mentality of the current market and that of the buyers. Nowadays, a useful project will win most of the time over one that is simply an art (again, we love art but we have to adapt to the game!). A good utility with a doxxed project (especially if the expert is part of the team) will once again give the project greater credibility and trust.

Be present

4.- This is not a rich quick scheme

This is not a Ponzi system, the project does not end when you sold everything, rather the adventure just begins there. Keeping your audience at some point is going to cause the identity to be revealed, as happened with Bored Ape Yacht Club, at the beginning they were not doxxed but they ended up knowing who the creators were. This credibility further lengthens the project.

Be present

5.- This is a recommendation, everything depends on you

In the end, this is a simple recommendation, each project always has its particular way of executing and obtaining an audience. However, I hope that the points that have been touched have been able to help you, selling out NFT projects is not an easy path, but it is the best feeling to create a faithful community. The road to sell out for your NFT project can be long and with many unknowns. We recommend our free consultation session in which you can ask us all your questions about your project and our specialists will give you the strategies for free.

Be present

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